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Humanising Healthcare:

Front-to-Back Thinking™ for a Better NHS


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Healthcare providers and commissioners face multiple challenges. They increasingly recognise that the NHS must change the way it operates to effectively meet future challenges. The starting point for improved services at less cost rests on more intelligent use of data to inform future performance improvement through intelligent system and service redesign.


Hamish Dibley has pioneered a new and refreshing approach to healthcare analysis – the Consumption Demand Method™ This alternative approach to realising better healthcare services and less cost begins with looking at healthcare data differently, not from an activity but patient-centred perspective.



Unlike existing practice, this work establishes time-series data to understand the true nature of person-demand for acute services in order to better understand the root-cause(s) of service challenges facing commissioners and providers alike.


More intelligent use of data in this way can better inform future commissioning and operational improvement through system and service redesign. After all the NHS has exhausted all other misguided approaches – standardising; over-medicalising; functionalising and commercialising operations. We need to humanise healthcare and focus as much on care needs as medical treatments.


Understand demand, create value, reduce cost

Hamish Dibley, Director

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